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Sustainability-Linked Bonds

Sustainability-Linked Bonds

The Okamura Group is now pushing forward with initiatives with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 while specifying response to climate change as a priority sustainability issue from a perspective of taking initiative on the global environment. In addition to enhancing its existing activities with an eye on the supply chain not to mention its business stages, the Group is engaged in initiatives based on new approaches such as increased use of renewable energy. The Okamura Group issued Sustainability-Linked Bonds in order to make its thinking and initiatives on sustainability widely known.

Bond name Okamura Corporation 16th Series Unsecured Bonds
(With Inter-Bond Pari Passu Clause) (Sustainability-Linked Bonds)
Term 5 years
Issuance amount 5 billion yen
Sustainability performance target (SPT) linked to issuance conditions Reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by fiscal 2025 compared to fiscal 2020 levels
Bond characteristics after judgment If failing to achieve the SPT on the judgment date (October 1, 2026), the company will donate an amount equivalent to 0.15% of the bond issuance amount by the redemption date to public interest incorporated associations, public interest incorporated foundations, international institutions, and municipality-approved NPOs, and municipalities that intend to engage in environment preservation activities.
Conditions decision date June 9, 2022
Issuance date June 16, 2022
Redemption date June 16, 2027
Ratings earned Rating of A from Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.
External evaluation
(second-party opinion)
Third-party Opinion on Framework for Sustainability-Linked Bonds (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.) (Japanese Only)
Sustainability-Linked Bond Structuring Agent Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Framework Framework for Sustainability-Linked Bonds May 2022 (Japanese Only)
News release June 9, 2022
Notice on the Finalization of Issue Terms for Sustainability-Linked Bonds
May 11, 2022
Notice Concerning the Issuance of Sustainability-Linked Bonds

Status of KPI

KPI Unit Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2021 Fiscal 2022
Greenhouse gas emissions
(Scope 1 + Scope 2)
t-CO2 40,402 t 32,825 t 30,771 t

〇 The scope of counting comprises companies to which accounting principles for consolidated financial statements apply for the standard year (2020).

Initiatives toward achieving SPTs

The Okamura Group has been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through various initiatives. We will continue to make these efforts toward achieving our emission reduction targets despite the fact that our greenhouse gas emissions will likely increase temporarily due to future business expansion. The state of our endeavors will be presented in Sustainability Reports from now on.

Okamura official website: Sustainability information (Japanese Only)