Investor Relations

Disclosure Policy

Basic Stance on Information Disclosure

Okamura Corporation (the “Company”) discloses information to stakeholders such as shareholders and investors in a timely and appropriate manner. We aim for highly transparent management by proactively disclosing information thought to be useful for shareholders and investors. In addition, we will work to gain higher confidence from our stakeholders and investors by communicating with them through various opportunities.

Disclosure Standard

The Company discloses information fairly and in a manner prioritizing continuity pursuant to legal disclosure systems under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and to the Timely Disclosure Rules laid down by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, we will proactively disclose information to which the Timely Disclosure Rules do not apply if finding it important for letting shareholders and investors have a better understanding of the Company.

Disclosure Methods

The Company discloses information to which the Timely Disclosure Rules applies through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) run by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and we post such information promptly on the official Okamura website.

Quiet Period

The Company specifies as a quiet period a certain period prior to releasing its financial results in order to prevent information on the results from being leaked and ensure the fairness of information disclosure. During a quiet period, we refrain from responding to inquiries on our financial results and business performance outlook. However, in the event that we have projections markedly differing from previously-released performance forecasts during a quiet period, we will disclose the projections as appropriate pursuant to disclosure rules.

Future Outlook

While this website describes the Group’s future outlook such as performance prospects, targets, plans, and strategies, they constitute judgments and hypotheses based on information currently available to us and will be affected by uncertain factors such as future economic climate and business operation. Therefore, it should be noted that actual performance could potentially differ from forecast figures.