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Okamura Group Integrated Report 2023

Based on our disclosure policy, we strive to provide corporate information from both financial and non-financial aspects by using an array of information disclosure tools.
In order to further enhance understanding of the Group’s activities, alongside the Sustainability Report, which we have published to date, we have published the Okamura Group Integrated Report 2023 for the first time, with the aim of bringing together financial and non-financial information as well as information on the Group’s management policies and strategies.
In addition to providing an overview of the Midterm Management Plan 2025, which was announced in May 2023, the Okamura Group Integrated Report 2023 describes the value creation processes aimed at driving the Group’s sustainable growth, specific strategies in each business, and the various initiatives and structures supporting these efforts.

Okamura Group Integrated Report 2023
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Please also see the sustainability report for more detailed information on our sustainability activities.

Okamura Group Sustainability Report 2023

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