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Contribute to society by creating environments where people can thrive with rich ideas and reliable quality.

With “Contribute to society by creating environments where people can thrive with rich ideas and reliable quality” as our mission, at the Okamura Group we are realizing a society where people can thrive. We strive to provide society with high-quality products and services that accurately capture the needs of consumers, and work to further improve corporate value and solve the challenges society faces.

As the importance of sustainability becomes more evident, to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and society as a whole, we have identified and are working on important management challenges from the following four perspectives: creating environments where people can thrive, pursuing employee engagement, global environmental initiatives and responsible corporate behavior.

In 1945, Okamura’s founding members—a group of aircraft engineers with shared principles—brought together the technical and financial support to launch the company as the Okamura Manufacturing Facility, a cooperative industry. The founding spirit was based on five principles that comprise our Corporate Philosophy: innovative creation, cooperation, being cost conscious, saving for the future and social responsibility. These founding principles have established our corporate culture, and we work by the motto “Quality pays for itself.” This spirit has been passed down from generation to generation and is alive and well in our current management business activities as part of Okamura’s DNA.

At the Okamura Group we have formulated our Medium-Term Management Plan 2025, covering the three-year period from the fiscal year ending March 2024 to the fiscal year ending March 2026. Under this plan, our aim is creating new demand, grasp what is trending in the current era, redefine our capabilities to propose new solutions and products, and accelerate our transformation into a “demand-creating company.” In bolstering our management capabilities to respond to future generational shifts, we are working to develop human resources and improve employee engagement, accelerate digital transformation, enhance highmix, variable-volume production systems and develop overseas businesses rooted in local markets. To this end, further developing our human resources and job satisfaction reforms to improve employee engagement is leading directly to sustainable growth. By enabling each employee to work enthusiastically in their own way, we are focused on becoming an even more powerful Okamura that responds to environmental changes. We will also continue to reduce our global environmental impact across the entire supply chain, implement long-term initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and, through our business activities, drive new initiatives that address social issues.

The Okamura Group aims to contribute to society through sustainable initiatives that realize a society where people can thrive.

We look forward to your continued support.

Representative Director, President and CEO Masayuki Nakamura

Masayuki Nakamura